Friday, April 1, 2011

SSIS - Overview & Interview Questions

About SSIS

-          Introduced in 2005
-          Advanced version of DTS (Data Transformation Services)
-          An easy to use, highly flexible, extremely capable, highly scalable ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool
-          Creates structure called package
-          Package contains mainly following things
o   Control Flow (defines overall flow)
o   Data Flow (extracts data from multiple sources and putting into multiple destinations)
o   Event Handler
o   Package Explorer
o   Connections Tray (holds all kind of connections)

Connection Manager

-          OLEDB connection
-          Flat file connection
-          Excel connection
-          Cache connection
-          FTP connection
-          Multifile connection
-          SMTP connection

Difference between Control Flow & Data Flow Task
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       - Variables store values in SSIS Package at package, container, task level
       - Variables can be used in
             a. Script task - we can use the variable using Dts.Variables["Blah"]
             b. Expression in any transformation
             c. Expression in any Connection Manager
             d. Execute SQL Task to pass value to SP, and store value from SP
             e. Precedence Constraint to define success/failure flow
             f. Error output
       - 2 type of variables
             a. System Variable
             b. User-defined Variable

       - Variable name is case-sensitive
       - We can create 2 variables with same name at different level. e.g. Container level and then  
          Data Flow Task Level
       - In that case, local scope will get more priority.

What are the different control flow tasks you have used?

         -          Execute SQL Task (more details)
         -          Execute Package Task (more details)
         -          Send Mail Task (more details)
         -          Data Profiling Task (more details)
         -          Transfer Logins Task (more details)
         -          Bulk Insert Task (more details)
         -          Data Flow Task
         -          For Loop Container (more details)
         -          For Each Loop Container (more details)
         -          Sequence Container
         -          File System Task (more details)
         -          Script Task
         -          FTP Task
         -          Backup Database Task
         -          Rebuild Index Task
         -          Reorganize Index Task
         -          Shrink Database Task
         -          Update Statistics Task

What are the different data flow transformations you have used?

            -          Simple DFT

         -          Copy Column Transformation (more details)
         -          Derived Column & Data Conversion Transformation (more details)
         -          Conditional Split Transformation (more details)
         -          Character Map Transformation (more details)
         -          Audit Transformation (more details)
         -          Aggregate & Multicast Transformation (more details)
         -          Merge & Sort Transformation (more details)
         -          Merge Join Transformation (more details)
         -          Union All Transformation (more details)
         -          Row Count Transformation (more details)
         -          Row Sampling Transformation
         -          Fuzzy Lookup Transformation
         -          Fuzzy Grouping Transformation
         -          Cache Transformation (more details)
         -          LookupTransformation (more details)

        How would you do logging in SSIS?
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   Approach for Error Handling
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          Debugging and Using Data Viewer
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         How to deploy SSIS package on production server?
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        New features of SSIS 2008?
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        How to pass a variable to child package?
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         Performance improvement in SSIS
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         How would you restart package from point of failure? What is checkpoint?
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      How you can achieve parallelism in SSIS?
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         Difference between Merge, Merge Join & Union All

         Difference between Conditional Split & Multicast
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