Saturday, March 5, 2011

File System Task

Using this task, we can perform different operations at File level.
this includes

--> Copy a directory
--> Copy a file
--> Create a directory
--> Delete a directory
--> Delete the contents of a directory
--> Delete a file
--> Move a directory
--> Move a file
--> Rename a file
--> Set the attributes of a directory or file


- Using ForEach Loop container, we will copy all the files from source to destination
- Create one variable to store current file name
- Set following properties for ForEach Loop Container

- further properties of For Each Loop Container

- File System Task properties

- Make sure to choose proper Destination Connection like this

- Make sure to choose "copy file" operation
- Make sure to choose TRUE in IsSourcePathVariable and choose Currentfile in SourceVariable.

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