Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New features of SSIS 2008

1. Script Task
    - In SSIS 2005, Script task was supporting only Microsoft Visual Basic .Net, but in SSIS 2008, Script task supports C# too.
    - Before writing script, we can chose the language. This is due to provision of VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for Application)

2. Lookup Transformation
    - In 2005, cache file was not there so it was reloading a cache every time, now in 2008, we can create a cache file and it does not need to repopulate every time.
    - In 2005, it has only 2 outputs (1 regular and other Error), in 2008, 3 outputs. (Matching, non matching and Error)

3. Data Profiling Task
    - New task introduced in 2008

4. Multicast
    - Though it was splitting the flow into multiple outputs, in 2005, all outputs were get processed serially. actual parallelism was not there. in 2005, They have introduced subpath, so actually they will be processed in parallel.

5. New T-SQL features
    - we can leverage on CDC, MERGE, etc.

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