Sunday, March 13, 2011

Transaction in SSIS

- Transaction in SSIS is supported and it is in-built integrated with SSIS
- We can have individual transaction at package, container or task level.
- There is a property called "TransactionOption" at all these levels.
- 3 values are there for this property
        (A) Supported
                - This is default
                - It means if transaction is already there before running the package, then it will join into that tran.
                - But it will not create any new transaction
        (B) Not supported
                - It will neither create any new transaction nor join into existing transaction
        (C) Required
                - If transaction exists before running a package, then it will join into that transaction
                - otherwise it will create new transaction
- Design
        - We can set "Required" value at package level and "Supported" value at all the containers/task level

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